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Air Waybill

How to Complete a MAWB

International MAWBs must be typed or computer-printed. Customers may provide additional information, however UPS Air Cargo requires the information covered below.

To obtain Air Waybills, complete the Air Waybill Request Form (U.S., Latin America, Mexico and Canada Origins Only).

Priority Service Guarantee

Field Descriptions of MAWB

The following information is required on all Master Air Waybills (MAWB).

Field Descriptions
  • Section 1 Completed By Customer

    Shipper's name and address.

  • Section 2 Completed By Customer

    Consignee's name and address.

  • Section 3 Completed By Customer

    The three letter code of the origin airport. This is the origin airport code whether the freight trucks or flies.

  • Section 4 Completed By Customer

    The three letter code of the destination airport.

  • Section 5 Completed By Customer

    Declared Value for Carriage Option

  • Section 6 Completed By Customer

    Shipment Value for Customs purposes. If no value is shown in block 5, the appropriate SED exception wording is required.

  • Section 7 Completed By UPS/CFS or Customer

    Handling Information - to contain any special instructions or notes regarding freight, dims, ULD numbers, and individual position weight.

  • Section 8 Completed By Customer

    Number of Pieces

  • Section 9 Completed By Customer

    Gross weight

    NOTE: This does not include tare weight of aircraft pallets and/or containers, however it does include the weight of wooden skids

  • Section 10 Completed By Customer

    Kilograms (kg) or Pounds (lbs).

  • Section 11 Completed By Customer

    Chargeable weight. The actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

  • Section 12 Completed By Customer

    Rate/Charge - International MAWB only

  • Section 13 Completed By Customer

    Total - International MAWB only

  • Section 14 Completed By Customer

    Nature and quantity of goods, the description of cargo. This may include dimensions or volume.

    NOTE: Using the term "Consolidation" or like terms is not an acceptable description of goods. Description must be specific.

step 8 to 14
section 15-19
  • Section 15 Completed By Customer

    Signature of shipper or agent.

  • Section 16 Completed By UPS/CFS

    Date of signing

  • Section 17 Completed By UPS/CFS

    Time of signing.

  • Section 18 Completed By UPS/CFS

    Place of signing - three letter code of the gateway.

    NOTE: Refer to MAWB example in Air Cargo Forms Section.

  • Section 19 Completed By UPS/CFS

    Signature of issuing carrier or its agent refers to:

    • UPS representative OR
    • CFS employee

    NOTE: Clarify all signatures.

  • Section 20-23 Completed By Customer

    Consignee Signatures

    NOTE: 20, 21, 22 and 23 are to be completed at the destination gateway or CFS by the consignee or their agent. If the destination gateway has a CFS, the destination gateway maintains an unsigned copy of the MAWB (#5 or #6) along with a signed, Register of Air Freight Shipments/AC-12, or work order on file.

  • Section 24 Completed By Customer

    Indicate Service Type if Perishable, Priority, or RFS.

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Front & Back of MAWB

Front Airway Bill
Back Airway Bill